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Digital Embroidery

Offers today’s highest quality embroidery available on apparel and products. We offer appliqué, full color digital embroidery, and offer special metallic threads. Mix and Match colors and fabrics to create the most trendy and custom design you put your mind to. We can have your products completely finished and in your hands in less than a week! Call us today and find out how to get started on your new project.

One of our most popular by demand from Corporate and Casual organizations is our digital embroidery on Polo shirts, Hats, oxford shirts, letterman jackets, uniforms, and a long special product list we can custom tailor to suit your needs.

Don’t Have a Design? We can help! Our Art Department specializes in digitizing artwork and custom designs in order to create a fantastic finish on all your products. Depending on the size of your logo, we charge by the stitch count. What is a stitch count? Imagine a circle filled with black that would have a particular stitch count, if it were just a circle outline it would be another. We charge $10 per 1000 stitches. Average logo is between 3-4 inches which comes to about 6000 stitches. That would be $60.00. This process is a onetime cost for particular design. Never pay this again. We must do this to all artwork even vector art, or color separated art because it must be digitize through Wilcom Embroidery Program and it takes extensive time and technique. We guarantee you will be thrilled with your finish products!